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Cut La Roc Mixes With Prism Sound

Electronic musician Lee Potter adds Lyra audio interface to studio for recording and remixing projects.

Electronic musician Lee Potter, known by his stage name Cut La Roc, used a Prism Sound Lyra audio interface to mix his latest release, The Preacher, featuring The Reverend Doctor Bone.

Cut La Roc, who is signed to the UK label Rocstar Recordings, puts together most of his production ideas at his own studio in Colchester, Essex.

“My studio is my main workstation and most tracks get created and finished here,” he says. “The addition of a Prism Sound Lyra means that I now have everything I need for my home set-up. What I really like about Lyra is the clarity it brings to the mix. The software is also really easy to use – it’s pretty much plug and play out of the box.”

Cut La Roc was introduced to Lyra while judging the 2015 Prism Sound-sponsored B-Side Project, a global competition that pairs artists with electronic music producers who remix their original tracks. Now in its sixth year, the competition creates networks, merges genres and provides real world opportunities for artists to release their music, alongside additional platforms to amplify their careers.

“Being a judge for the B-Side project was a good way of finding fresh talent,” he says. “The competition also gives fresh talent a great opportunity to get heard in an era of music saturation. Sometimes getting heard in the music industry above the constant deluge of free music and overly hyped average music is hard – even for an established artist it can still be a task. Yvette (Chivers – B-Side founder) and the team are very dedicated, which is very refreshing.”

Widely regarded as a founder of Big Beat, a genre that fuses elements of hip hop, house and rock, Cut La Roc started DJ-ing and creating music at the end of the 1980s, when Acid House first came on the scene. In 1998 he released Post Punk Progression and followed this with a mix album for the Ministry of Sound’s FSUK imprint, which was performed and produced with nine decks.

After DJ-ing all over the world, Cut La Roc returned to the UK and began producing material for other artists. Projects included the songs Fallen and Mishka, which were co-produced with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol. Cut La Roc has also held a residency at the famous Big Beat Boutique and performed alongside fellow big beat musicians Fatboy Slim and Armand Van Helden.

“My latest project is a follow up to The Preacher and I’m also recording an album for Skint Records,” he says. “My Prism Sound Lyra is being used extensively on everything I mix now – it’s a really versatile audio interface.”

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