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Funktion-One F81.2 mid/high loudspeakers in place in one of the spaces at Warp Records in London.

Warp Records In England Enhances Listening Experiences With Funktion-One

Record label adds F81.2 loudspeakers and SB10A self-powered subwoofers for monitoring in its studio and album playback spaces at its London headquarters.

Warp Records, founded in Sheffield, England in 1989, has added two Funktion-One loudspeakers to its London headquarters for monitoring in its studio and album playback spaces.

The introduction of the Funktion-One monitors was instigated by head of A&R/creative director Dominic Flannigan, who was intent on improving the office listening experience. “The main reason we want amazing monitors in the meeting room is to give a really impressive first listen to our team,” he explains. “The people from the marketing team, the licensing team, from retail, you want to blow their socks off the first time they hear a record. You want to hear it at its best.

“Funktion-One gives you power and accuracy and you can really hear the whole picture of the music, which at Warp is really important because of the range of our output. You’re going from something like a Kelly Moran solo piano record to a dense and technically complex Square Pusher album.”

Both Meeting Room 1 and the Demo Room are now home to F81.2 (mid/high loudspeakers) and SB10A (self-powered subwoofers), the latest evolution of Warp’s listening spaces over recent years.

While Warp’s roots are in electronic music, its current artist roster spreads wider. “I knew Funktion-One would be great for electronic music, I didn’t realize it would be quite so good for the rock side of the roster,” Flannigan says. “I think there’s an efficiency with Funktion-One that offers us true precision. You don’t get perceptual tail on sounds which works well with Aphex Twin and all the detail in his music.


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