Harrison Audio Launches New Mixbus 10 DAW

Latest version of the company's digital audio workstation provides Dolby Atmos native rendering, new integrated SSL EQ, and several feature enhancements.
Harrison has released the new Mixbus 10 DAW.

Harrison Audio has announced the release of ​Mixbus 10, the latest version of its digital audio workstation that provides Dolby Atmos native rendering, new integrated SSL EQ, and several feature enhancements.

Designed around Harrison’s True Analog Mix Engine (TAME), Mixbus 10 is equipped with the four-band Harrison 32C console EQ complete with high and low-pass filters, alongside compressors, and limiters. The “knob-per-function” immediacy that’s inspired by an analog console and designed to help ensure an intuitive and tactile mixing experience.

Mixbus 10 reproduces Harrison’s tape saturation, bus compression, and tone control features across every bus. The integration of TAME means that users benefit from the flexibility and convenience of a modern DAW as well as the sonic character and workflow of Harrison consoles.

New in Mixbus 10:

— Dolby Atmos native rendering: Includes object-based panning on each channel and supports 7.1.4 monitoring on loudspeakers or binaural on headphones. No additional software is needed to create immersive mixes for compatible streaming services such as TIDAL, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

— SSL 9000J EQ: Developed in collaboration with Solid State Logic, Mixbus 10 Pro includes the SSL 9000J 4-band EQ. Every channel can be switched between the SSL and Harrison EQ to access a broader palette of tonal possibilities.

— XT plugins: The “Plus” and “Pro” tiers include the suite of Harrison XT plugins for Mixbus. The XT range has 19 plugins, including compressors, EQs, FX, and correctional tools worth more than $1700 if purchased individually. ​

— Channelstrip gate: Formerly only available on Harrison’s top-tier DAW (Mixbus 32C), the Mixbus Plus and Mixbus Pro tiers provide a dedicated expander/gate module on every input channel.

— Pre/Post: A frequently requested feature, all tiers of Mixbus 10 now provide Pre/Post fader switches on every bus send.

Harrison is offering upgrade programs to existing Mixbus users. ​Users of older versions will be notified of their upgrade path via email or can contact Harrison’s support for more details. Go here for additional information on Mixbus 10.