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TC Electronic Announces Loudness Standards Seminar

The two-day event in Rome, Italy is designed to help attendees learn about changes now happening in the production and distribution of broadcast material.

TC Electronic is pleased to invite all audio professionals to a two-day seminar focusing on current loudness standards in audio production for broadcast, film and TV.

Keynote speakers include:
• Bob Katz
• George Massenburg
• Florian Camerer
• Simone Corelli
• Richard Van Everdingen
• Dino D’ambrosio
• Alessandro Travaglini
• Thomas Lund

Place: Rome, Italy

Dates: June 9-10, 2011

Price: EUR 160 per person

Attendees will learn all about the radical changes now happening in production and distribution of broadcast, film and music as a consequence of new ITU and EBU standards.

This compact, knowledge-boosting seminar is large enough to gather some of the industry’s most influential speakers, yet personal enough that exchange of information and experience is facilitated. Seminars are strictly focused on technology, not on products.

The groundbreaking and comprehensive EBU R128 loudness recommendation is investigated from a multitude of angles, while only a few weeks earlier, ITU’s loudness standard, BS.1770, will have been updated. The consequences of this update will also be evaluated and put into practical perspective.

Italy was an early mover on loudness-based transmission procedures and legislation, so the Eternal City will play an obvious host to an international assembly of audio professionals.

The event takes place in a beautiful old building with fine acoustics in central Rome; the Auditorium della Discoteca di Stato. It’s within walking distance of the great plazas, Pantheon, Forum Romanum, Trastevere, Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, etc.

Attendees are advised to sign up before May 6th as seating is limited.

For further information including an event schedule, please visit the event website.

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