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Signal To Noise, Episode 249: Sam Kusnetz Of QLab & Founder Of Team Sound

Talks about using QLab across all aspects of live sound, from theatre to corporate audio as well as lesser known features, some of the biggest changes in QLab 5 and more.

In Episode 249, Sean and Andy gather around the microphones with Sam Kusnetz, education and training manager for Figure 53’s QLab and founder of Team Sound, maker of MIDI hardware and testers specifically designed for live audio playback users. Sam talks about growing up and falling into theatre in New York, working on smaller tours and regional theatres across the country, and then eventually settling into a dual role as a NY-based associate sound designer and, for the last decade and change, a core member of the QLab support and development team. This episode is sponsored by Allen & Heath and RCF.

Sam and the hosts focus on using QLab across all aspects of live sound, from theatre to corporate audio, and even employing it for more exotic things like calling followspot cues in concerts. Sam also discusses some lesser known features and tips and tricks that QLab 5 allows, shares the power of the free and daily rental licenses for QLab as well as the more standard perpetual licenses, and talks about QLab’s free sibling iPhone/iPad app, Go Button.

They also spend some time talking about some of the biggest changes that came in QLab 5, such as fully chasing timecode, multi-computer client/server collaboration functions, and much more, and get a brief overview of Team Sound’s hardware, which is showing up in more and more sound engineers’ tool boxes every day!

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Figure 53
QLab App
Go Button App
Team Sound
Episode 249 Transcript

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Episode 249 Transcript

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