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Red Barn Studio Adds API 1608-II Console

New 16-channel 1608-II console commissioned for full service recording studio specializing in audio and video production in Springdale, Arkansas.

API announces the commissioning of a 16-channel 1608-II console at Red Barn Studio in Springdale, Arkansas. The sale of the console was completed through API dealer Vintage King. Established in 2014, Red Barn Studio is a full service recording studio specializing in audio and video production.

“From the beginning I have always had API mic pre’s in my studio; having 16 of them available now is like a dream,” says Red Barn owner/producer Jason Miller. “Over the years I always found myself coming back to the sound of my API’s.

“The whole buying process has been a breeze. From talking with the API team at the NAMM show to receiving the 1608 console, API has been top notch. I get excited to work on projects every time I sit in front of such a beautiful piece of equipment. This console is already elevating my studio to new heights and I’m beyond pleased with my decision to go API.”


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