AV Technology At The Forefront Of The New Lamb’s Chapel Worship Facility

Centrally located at the rear of the main floor area, the front-of-house mix position houses an Allen & Heath ML3000-48 mixing console, an Ashly Audio NE-Series Protea ne24.24M digital signal processor for loudspeaker management, a Lexicon MX200 processor for reverb and other effects, plus a Drawmer DL241 Auto Compressor for compression and limiting.

For audio recording during services, a Microboards Technology Copywriter Live CR-R and duplicator is provided. “Since this station is manned entirely by volunteer staff,” Boone noted, “We created a series of mix templates to address common sound reinforcement scenarios that can be recalled, and then we trained the staff on basic operation of the system. In doing so, the volunteer FOH mix engineer manages fader movement, but really needn’t be burdened with much more than overseeing individual channel levels.”

In order to facilitate freedom of movement, wireless microphones are used extensively. There are a total of seven Audix RAD360 UHF wireless systems. Five of these are the W3-OM6 systems that utilize the OM6 dynamic handheld microphone transmitter.

These are used by the praise leader and select vocalists. For the pastor and a guest speaker, the two remaining systems are of the W3-BP variety consisting of bodypack transmitters coupled with lavaliere microphones.

Presenting A Vivid Picture
A total of five front projection screens do an outstanding job providing a variety of visuals that include video clips, pictures, lyrics, and more. The primary left and right screens positioned on the wall at the rear of the stage/altar area are 12 x 16-foot Da-Lite Da-Snap models coupled with a pair of Eiki LC-X71 5500 ANSI Lumens XGA LCD projectors.

Located at the front edge of the balcony area, two 7 x 9-foot Da-Lite Da-Snap screens provide visual assistance to those in rear of the sanctuary. These screens take their feeds from a pair of Eiki LCXB41 4000 ANSI Lumens XGA LCD projectors.

A fifth screen is used in a very different capacity. Positioned 92 feet out from the stage on the rear wall facing the stage is another 7- x 9-foot Da-Lite Da-Snap screen that takes its feeds from an Eiki LC-XG400 5000 ANSI Lumens XGA LCD projector.

“This screen is used in a teleprompting capacity,” explained Boone, “providing lyrics for the choir and other vocalists as well as additional cues that may be deemed necessary during a service. Both the house displays and the one for the choir take their content feeds from two separate personal computers.”

A Moving Experience
In the short time frame since The Lamb’s Chapel began using their new AV system, Boone reports everyone at the church – including the clergy, music staff, and the congregation – has been extremely enthusiastic. “It’s really gratifying to see what a positive impact the new AV system is having on everyone at the church,” says Boone. “Inside and out, The Lamb’s Chapel is a really impressive facility. With the new AV system operational, the sound quality from the WorxAudio loudspeakers is clear and even no matter where one happens to be seated in the hall.

“Similarly, the pastor, choir, and others on stage can hear clearly thanks to the combination of overhead, floor, and in-ear monitoring systems. Combine all this with a first-rate visual presentation that is easy-to-read text and full of vivid colors, and you have a recipe for success.”

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