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Neyrinck Introduces iPad App For Dolby Atmos Plugin Control

V-Control Pro 2 system for controlling DAWs from tablets, smartphones and laptop browsers now includes pan screen.

Neyrinck‘s V-Control Pro 2 system for controlling DAWs from tablets, smartphones and laptop browsers now includes a Dolby Atmos pan screen in V-Panner, and iOS versions of the V-Console app, for controlling the Dolby Atmos plugin in Pro Tools.

When using an iPad, V-Panner and V-Console can connect directly to the computer, without WiFi, using the Apple lightning to USB, or 30-pin to USB, cables which provides ultra-fast response and compatibility with secure facilities.

The Dolby Atmos plugin is used to create spatial 3D panning for object tracks in Pro Tools on the dubbing stage. The 3D panning data from the Dolby Atmos plugin is sent to the Dolby Rendering and Mastering Unit otherwise known as the RMU together with direct audio output of the object track. The new Dolby Atmos pan screen in the V-Panner and V-Console iPad app directly controls the object panning in the Dolby Atmos plugin allowing for more creative movement control of the object from the iPad screen. This is the first and only touch-screen Dolby Atmos controller available.

The Dolby Atmos iPad screen includes controls for Z Elevation, and Wedge, Ceiling and Sphere Elevation modes as well as an object size control, mirroring controls in the plugin. Current V-Control Pro 2 customers can upgrade V-Console and V-Panner apps for no charge and should download the latest version of V-Control Pro 2 software from the Neyrinck website.

V-Control Pro 2 is a complete integrated control system for OSX and Windows and includes the free 8 or 16-fader V-Console and the V-Panner control apps connecting through V-Control Pro 2 software to simplify control of the main media applications.

Founder, Paul Neyrinck, said “We have had a long partnership with Dolby ever since we started developing our range of Dolby SoundCode plugins that enable LtRt, Dolby E, and Dolby Digital, surround sound workflows in Pro Tools. We are delighted to be able to provide our customers with a new, more intuitive way to control spatial positioning of Atmos objects in Pro Tools.”

V-Control Pro 2 system annual license can be purchased for only US$49.99 from the Neyrinck Store. A limited version free trial is also available. V-Console and V-Panner free apps are available from the Neyrinck website for Android and web, and from the Apple App store for iPads. Legacy V-Control Pro version 1.9 iPad customers can download V-Control Pro 2 software for free for complete V-Control Pro 1.9 compatibility with their OS X and Windows media applications.


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