ProSoundWeb's NAMM 2020 Coverage Provided By RCF

New DcSoundOp Video: NAMM 2020 Round-Up & First Look At New Renkus-Heinz IC Live-X

New gear that stood out during the recent show in Anaheim and a look at recently released steerable arrays from Renkus-Heinz.

Every trade show is a different and chaotic struggle to see the things that catch your attention along the way. As setting appointments is the only way to actually ensure you have time to talk with anyone, it leaves you moving from one part of the show to another without much time to stop and take it all in.

I try to make the most of this by at least catching a few frames of video or a quick photo, so I can remember to look into things later and do more research. Having only been at the NAMM show this year for the weekdays, my schedule was extra hectic.

There was a ton of cool stuff to see, and this video isn’t in any order of priority. There was plenty that I missed and even more I wasn’t able to record for various reasons. Chance meetings and introductions are always fun as time allows and I’ve included a fun one in this video. Meeting Brandon Heinz and hearing about the work the company is doing with steerable arrays was really interesting and I’m excited to share it with you:

Although the Renkus-Heinz crew were incredibly busy setting up for an evening event, Brandon took a few minutes out to show us the new ICLive X-Series speakers they were setting up. Steerable arrays and a really well thought-out compliment of accessories make these attractive for the small to mid-sized local sound provider. I hope to have Brandon back on the channel in the future so we can dive deeper into the technology they are using to accomplish the steering and how it all works together as a system.

Go here for more info and links from the video.


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ProSoundWeb's NAMM 2020 Coverage Provided By RCF

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