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Neumann Debuts KH 120A Active Studio Monitors At Front End Audio Event

The Neumann KH 120 is the first Neumann studio monitor to come out of a rebranding and redesign of the Klein + Hummel line

With Neumann is in preparation to formally release their very first studio monitor offering, they took the opportunity to debut the Neumann KH 120 studio monitors to a group gathered for a listening event held in the studio at Front End Audio; a professional audio dealer located in Columbia, SC. 

The group of guests and staff had the opportunity to spend time listening to their own reference CDs on the KH 120s. The reception was universally positive.

“I think that we were all initially quite shocked by the compact size of the KH 120s.”

“However, once the music started coming through them, it became really apparent just how special these monitors are and just how popular they really are going to be with our customers”, said Alan Moon; Sales Manager of Front End Audio.

Founded in 2002, Front End Audio has grown to become an increasingly popular internet and phone based, full-range pro audio dealer. 

A primary focus of the business has been to provide customers with the support of an expert sales staff who have professional backgrounds and who are active in the community as recording engineers, live sound engineers, and musicians.

The Neumann KH 120 is the first Neumann studio monitor to come out of a lengthy rebranding and redesign of the Klein + Hummel line.  The KH 120 is born out of the original O 100 studio monitor. It has been completely redesigned while also retaining some basic yet refined characteristics of the original.

With their engineering and manufacturing expertise, Neumann has been able to make the O 100 better while also making it more affordable to the end user.  The legacy of quality associated with the Neumann brand carries through to this new effort and the results were evident to those who attended the event.

“When listening to an album that I’ve been familiar with for a number of years, I was impressed with the overall detail, especially the stereo imaging of the KH 120s.”

“I was hearing things in that recording that I had never noticed in all the years I’ve had that album”, said Jay Matheson of The Jam Room Studios; a professional recording studio in the area.

Front End Audio will be stocking the KH 120 monitors and will take receipt as soon as Neumann begins shipping them in the coming weeks.


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