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Method To The Madness: The Anatomy Of An Audio Rack

A detailed look at the what and why of a set of rack-mounted touring gear...

Prior to hitting the road with Soundgarden on tour several years ago, Dave Rat documented his front of house racks.

This collection of gear was deployed with a main system of L-Acoustics K1 line source (3-way) loudspeakers in flown arrays, K1-SB (2 x 15-in) subwoofers, and LA8 amplified controllers.

Dave notes that some of the pieces were dictated by sub configurations he planned to use, while the Dorrough meters were on hand to provide clear visuals of average versus peak simultaneous metering of his subgroup compression technique.

He set up the front of house position “sideways,” with the racks in front of him and the console controlled by his right hand.

Dave explains: “The goal is to have a wide open space between the band and I, with no gear between, while being able to clearly see the RTA, system EQs and rack gear. Stepping back allows a full scan of everything going on with the system.”

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