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In The Studio: Recording Without A Click Track

Sometimes allowing things to go against the typical approach turns out to be the right way to go...
Article provided by Home Studio Corner.

With the impending release of his new album next week, Joe offers an insight on something he picked up while working with one of the songs.

The lesson: sometimes allowing things to go against what you think you should do, in order to get the best performance and make the most of a song, is the right way to go.

The song is “Forgiveness,” a simple, soft, intimate piano ballad-type track. Joe shares what it sounded like at the beginning of the recording process when he first started working on the album, creating the scratch tracks using an automated click track.

As he explains (and you’ll quickly hear), the click wasn’t working with this song; in fact, quite the opposite. It seems in direct opposition, working against the song and performance. How did he resolve the issue? Check out the video to find out.


Joe Gilder is a Nashville-based engineer, musician, and producer who also provides training and advice at the Home Studio Corner. Note that Joe also offers highly effective training courses, including Understanding Compression and Understanding EQ.

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