Bartlett Microphones Debuts TM-125 Supercardioid Condenser Boundary Microphone

New. U.S.-based company Bartlett Microphones has introduced the TM-125, a supercardioid condenser boundary stage-floor microphone designed for use on the theater stage to pick up actors in drama or musicals, capturing the footwork of dance groups, and picking up speech in boardrooms, conferences, pulpits, and altar tables.

Designed by Bruce Bartlett and Steve Mills, who have 57 years of combined engineering experience at Shure and Crown International, the TM-125 utilizes miniature capsule technology that prevents phase cancellations due to sound reflections off the stage floor or table top. This results in a wide, smooth frequency response free of comb filtering, so speech sounds clear and natural.

The supercardioid polar pattern of the TM-125 helps gain-before-feedback, and provides excellent isolation from sounds behind the mic, such as a pit orchestra.

With its thick steel housing and rugged construction, the TM-125 can withstand heavy footsteps that can damage and destroy other microphones. All electronics are inside the housing. A supplied XLR mic cable plugs into a connector in the side of the microphone.

All Bartlett micw are100 percent tested on- and off-axis using Time Delay Spectrometry (TDS), which provides an anechoic measurement of frequency response, sensitivity and off-axis attenuation, and in addition, all microphones are listen-tested by humans.

TM-125 Features:
• Wide, smooth frequency response provides natural speech reproduction
• High-frequency rise keeps speech clear, even when actors face to the side
• Tight pickup pattern reduces feedback
• Extreme rear rejection isolates the mic from the pit orchestra
• Picks up sound but rejects mechanical vibrations
• High sensitivity and low-impedance balanced output provide a strong, hum-free signal
• Low-profile, rugged housing is inconspicuous and withstands heavy footsteps
• Asymmetrical mic-capsule placement reduces pickup of standing waves for a smoother frequency response
• No pin-1 problem: Cable shield is tied directly to the mic chassis, preventing hum and RFI
• One-piece compact circuit board assembly reduces noise interference
• Low-noise components
• Each unit is tuned and voiced to match others within +/- 1.5 dB
• 100% tested by the design engineers
• Tech support by the design engineers
• Made in Elkhart, Indiana, USA

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