RE/P Files: Studio Design And Construction

By Paul D. Lehrman July 8, 2019

From the archives of the late, great Recording Engineer/Producer (RE/P) magazine comes a wealth of knowledge on live-end/dead-end acoustics which first appeared in the June 1982 issue. Read More

Church Sound: Quite A Journey

By M. Erik Matlock June 1, 2018

With a heart for worship and family, Ray Rayburn also carries an innate understanding of all things audio. Suffice to say that he’s covered a… Read More

Placing Loudspeakers In A Small Church

By Curt Taipale December 18, 2017

I coined a phrase circa 1989 known as the “Looks About Right” approach to sound system design. It denotes any design effort that simply “guesses”… Read More

Mix Notes: Sending The Message

By Jonah Altrove March 7, 2017

In “Charting The Mix” (LSI March 2016), we saw how a song’s production incorporates various sounds to control the song’s momentum and… Read More