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64 Audio Spotlighting In-Ear Monitoring Technologies At NAMM 2020 Show

tia, LID, 3D Fit, and recently patented apex among company's new developments incorporated into its line of IEMs designed for Pro/MI markets.
All of company’s current IEMs utilize apex technology.

64 Audio is highlighting its proprietary in-ear monitor technologies at the upcoming NAMM 2020 show in Anaheim ( booth # 11230).

“The team and I at 64 Audio are always looking to bring forth technologies that tangibly benefit our customers, and apex, which was recently patented, is a perfect example,” says Vitaliy Belonozhko, 64 Audio founder and chief sound designer. “As such, we are excited to present and discuss this and numerous other technologies at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show that have allowed 64 Audio’s award-winning IEMs to stand out from the crowd.”

apex, or Air Pressure Exchange, is a pneumatically interactive vent that releases air pressure in a sealed ear canal, designed to alleviate listener fatigue and open the soundstage. It comes in two variations, m15 and m20, depending on the model purchased.

All of company’s current IEMs utilize apex technology — tia Trió, Fourté, and Fourté Noir models contain an internal version of the apex module to preserve the tia acoustic chambers. The apex module is also engineered with to help prevent vent-clogging and wind noise.

tia technology is designed to eliminate sound-altering tubes and dampers so that sound is dispersed freely with a smooth and musical frequency response. Two primary elements of the tia system include the tia high driver and the tia single bore design.

LID technology is designed to ensure consistent frequency response regardless of the source, while 3D-Fit is a proprietary 3D printing process that results in a personalized fit.

“2020 will see 64 Audio stay at the forefront of IEM design by continuing to develop innovative technologies that push the boundaries of the experience IEMs can deliver to our professional audio customers,” concludes Belonozhko.

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ProSoundWeb's NAMM 2020 Coverage Provided By RCF

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