WorxAudio Technologies Announces New X1M-P Line Array At 2009 InfoComm

At 2009 InfoComm in Orlando, WorxAudio Technologies introduced the X1M-P line array, a two-way, high efficiency, ultra compact line array loudspeaker system that’s the newest member of the company’s TrueLine Series.

The new X1M-P is designed for the most natural sounding reproduction of speech and music program material in applications such as frontfill, stage monitoring, and choir monitoring, as well as a host of other AV applications.

Like all loudspeakers systems in the TrueLine Series, the transducer complement is top shelf. The X1M-P incorporates a medium format, 1-inch exit compression driver coupled to a stabilized proprietary FlatWave Former (wave shaping device) that delivers clear but penetrating high frequencies over a predictable and controlled coverage area.

Dual 8-inch neo drivers coupled to the (A.I.M.) Acoustic Intergrading Module to minimize cone filtering throughout the entire operating range and provide a rich, fully balanced sound with a frequency range that spans from 50 Hz to 18 kHz.

What really differentiates the new WorxAudio X1M-P from competing loudspeaker systems is the enclosure’s unique angle design.

Featuring one side that is flat with a 90-degree angle to the floor, the new X1M-P makes a great choice as a frontfill. Positioned along the front edge of the stage in this orientation, the loudspeaker faces directly out at the audience—making a great choice to provide coverage to those members of an audience located close to the stage.

Alternately, the other side of the new X1M-P features a 5 -degree angle. In this orientation, the loudspeaker makes a great choice as a floor monitor. With its unusually broad 160-degree horizontal dispersion, a single X1M-P placed in the center of the stage area can readily serve as the monitor for an entire choir or group of performers.

To facilitate easy positioning of the X1M-P, the loudspeaker ships with rigging hardware designed to enable mounting of the enclosure on the top or bottom with the optionally available Chief CMA 395 Series angle bracket. With this mounting hardware, the X1M-P can readily be positioned atop a pole.

The loudspeaker enclosure is constructed from sturdy multi-ply Baltic Birch and is heavily braced for cabinet rigidity. Protecting the enclosure is a multi-layered, two part polyurea ProTex finish — available in black or white. A 16-gauge, perforated, cloth-backed, powder coated steel grill with a high transmission ratio protects the transducer complement.

Designed expressly for use with the X1M-P is WorxAudio Technologies’ highly-regarded PMD-1 digital power amp. Housed in the rear of the enclosure, the PMD-1 eliminates the headache of selecting the right amplifier/signal processing to mate with the loudspeaker and saves space as well.

Featuring 500 watts for the low frequencies and 250 watts for the highs, the amplifier incorporates twin digital program processors, a mute switch for each output, a detented volume control, an XLR transformer with isolated I/O, and industry-standard AC PowerCon switchgear I/O.

Hugh Sarvis, WorxAudio Technologies’ CEO and Director of Engineering, commented on the new TrueLine X1M-P, “The new X1M-P was designed to address the audio community’s desire for an ultra-compact, high performance loudspeaker system with the versatility to function as either a high-performance frontfill or as a monitor wedge—and that’s precisely what the flat and 5 -degree angled sides of this enclosure accomplish.

“Combined with its industry-leading, 160-degree horizontal dispersion, the X1M-P provides unusually broad dispersion. With its unobtrusive appearance and the included EASE Focus array aiming software, the new X1M-P represents exceptional value.”

The new WorxAudio Technologies TrueLine X1M-P Install line array carries a U.S. MSRP of $4,650, and is available now.

WorxAudio Technologies Website

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