Venezuela’s TH Producciones Invests In DPA Microphones

Corporación Video, DPA Microphones‘ Venezuelan dealer, recently made a large sale of the brand’s mics to TH Producciones. Included among the DPA products selected by TH Producciones are several d:fine headset, d:screet 4061 miniature and d:facto handheld microphones.

The broadcaster purchased its first set of DPA mics for use at the television studio, currently under major renovation, which they recently acquired. Corporación Video also sold TH Producciones additional d:screet 4061 and d:facto handheld microphones, which will be used for documentaries, sports interviews and field reporting in the broadcaster’s 14 ENG production units.

Corporación Video recommended DPA Microphones to TH Producciones “based on how well the microphones deflect wind and other outside noise,” says Daniel Cadavieco, business development manager of Corporación Video. “After the demo we presented, they told us ‘that’s what we want. We want something that is reliable and has excellent quality. We want to get noticed for the quality of our productions.’ They use Sony 4K cameras and asked for something equivalent to that [level of quality] in audio. They are thrilled with the quality of the DPA mics.”

The dealer also foresees a growth with TH Producciones, which plans to expand into soap opera production in the future. “They come to us for advice when they are doing something new, and we are very happy with the relationship,” continues Cadavieco. “They are already the standard company for imaging and sound, and they continue to trust in us as the most efficient company to support them. In turn, we trust in DPA Microphones as one of the top manufacturers of microphones in the industry.”

As news of the sale to TH Producciones has spread across the country, Corporación Video has experienced a significant increase of interest in its DPA Microphones supply.

“We are very happy with the brand and many major stations have already been requesting d:fine headsets,” adds Cadavieco. “We would like to see all of the nation’s TV shows using DPA. We have many clients that use d:dicate 4017 shotgun microphones – there are roughly 440 customers who use the boom recommended by DPA. We expect to have more growth for the brand within our country.”

As the brand’s regional representative, Cadavieco is also impressed with the company’s marketing efforts. “The packaging, the color, the company’s response time; it’s all very clean and neat – not just the product, but the people who are behind it as well. We receive very good reception, answers and support any time we have a question. We are very happy as a reseller to work with a company that has such commitment to putting out the best for their brand.”

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