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Twenty Questions: Dynamic Details

Test your knowledge of compression in various applications in our latest pop quiz.


12.) What will be the result of running the kick drum into the key input of the bassist’s gate?

A.) When the kick drum is played, the bassist’s sound will be compressed.
B.) The bass will only be heard when the kick is played.
C.) The bassist will finally be in time.
D.) The drummer will finally be on time.

13.) An acoustic guitar player switches between strumming and finger picking in the same song. Which of the following compressor settings will make his finger picking 8 dB louder if his strumming peaks at 8 dBu?

A.) Adjust the threshold to 8 dBu and the ratio to 2:1.
B.) Adjust the threshold to 0 dBu with a ratio of Infinity:1.
C.) Adjust the threshold and ratio until you have 8 dB on the gain reduction meter when he is strumming and no gain reduction when he is finger picking. Add 8 dB of make-up gain.
D.) Adjust the threshold 0 dBu and the ratio to 8:1; add 8 dB of make-up gain.

14.) You are using a digital limiter. The A/D of the digital compressor reaches it’s maximum output when the input signal is at +22dBu, and the box is unity gain.

Assuming no other gain through the unit, at what threshold must you set the digital limiter so that the output signal will not exceed +10dBu?

A.) 0 dBFS
B.) +10 dBFS
C.) +12 dBFS
D.) 10 dBFS

15.) If a downward expander is set at a ratio of 1:1.5, a threshold of 40dBu, and a maximum attenuation or depth of 20dB, how much gain reduction will there be if the input signal is at 50dBu?

A.) 10
B.) 12.5
C.) 15
D.) 20

16.) Compression ratio of 2:1. Compressor threshold of 10dBu. Limiter threshold of 0dBu. If the input signal is at +10dBu, how much gain reduction is being contributed by the limiter:

A.) 10 dB
B.) 5 dB
C.) 20 dB
D.) None
E.) 15 dB

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