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Twenty Questions: Dynamic Details

Test your knowledge of compression in various applications in our latest pop quiz.


6.) A soft knee compressor:

A.) Starts compression before the threshold.
B.) The compressor will not be at the full compression ratio until after the threshold.
C.) Has a lower output level at the threshold than a hard knee compressor.
D.) All of the above.

7.) Gate attack time is defined as:

A.) The time it takes for the gate to enter gain reduction.
B.) The time it takes for the gate to close.
C.) The time it takes for the gate to come out of gain reduction.
D.) None of the above..

8.) A parametric EQ with a bandwidth of 1/4 octave inserted into the side chain of a compressor with a boost of 6 dB at 1 kHz will cause the compressor to compress a signal at1 kHz more than a signal at 100 Hz.

A.) True
B.) False

9.) An optical compressor uses what for the gain element:

A.) Photo cell and LED.
B.) Photo diode and LED.
C.) Fiber optic VCA.
D.) Flux Capacitor.

10.) A compressor is set to a 3:1 ratio. The threshold is set at +3dBu. If the input signal is at +12dBu, what is the level of the output signal?

A.) +4 dBu.
B.) +5 dBu.
C.) +6 dBu.
D.) +7 dBu.

11.) A gate has a look-ahead time of 600uSec. Which of the following is true:

A.) The gate will open 600uSec faster if this feature is turned on.
B.) The gate looks 600uSec ahead in time to see if it will need to open.
C.) The gate will open in 600uSec plus the attack time.
D.) The main signal will be delayed by 600uSec so that the gate will have time to open before the signal passes through the gain element.

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