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Twenty Questions: Dynamic Details

Test your knowledge of compression in various applications in our latest pop quiz.


17.) If you want to duck music when someone talks into a mic, you should:

A.) Use a gate with the music going through the gate and the mic plugged into the key input.
B.) Use a mixer to add the two signals, and then use mixed signal into a key input of a gate.
C.) Use a gate set to duck and have the voice in the sidechain, music in the program pathway.
D.) None of the above.

18.) A Hi-Shelf EQ is inserted into the side chain of a compressor. The EQ is set to cut 10dB at 5kHz with a slope of 18 dB/octave. The compressor is set to 2:1 at a threshold of -10dBu. If the input signal is +10dBu at a frequency of 10kHz, what is the level of the output signal?

A.) 5 dBu
B.) 0 dBu
C.) +5 dBu
D.) +10 dBu

19.) Which compressor settings will most accentuate the transient attack of a snare drum?

A.) Fast attack and slower release.
B.) Fast release and slower attack.
C.) Fast attack, fast release, long hold time.
C.) 15 dB
D.) Slow attack, slow release, short hold time.

20.) Assuming you have a unit which is a multi-band compressor / limiter, which of the following statements is NOT true:

A.) A multi-way crossover is used to divide up the frequency bands.
B.) This unit can be used to de-ess full program material.
C.) For each band you have a separate VCA and RMS detector.
D.) Setting the threshold of each band’s limiter to 0 dBu will ensure that the output will not be above 0 dBu.

Be sure to let us know how you scored in the comments!

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