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Do You Hear What I Hear? A Reasoned Response To A Common Criticism

Like most people, I try to be professional and even-keeled in my interactions. However, I’ll admit that I very quickly get irritated when a layperson says something like “[insert technical concept here] doesn’t matter. You can’t really hear that.” I’ve… Read More

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Church Sound: Plan For Failure To Achieve Success

I often hear stories about church leaders who won’t let the sound team “turn any knobs” on the mixing console. The leaders expect a great music mix to happen every week simply because it previously sounded great one time. Or… Read More

Properly Setting Sound System Gain Structure

Editor’s note: This piece goes back a few years but it’s full of information still very much relevant today. Realistically, audio signals at or near the noise floor of a system are not useful because the signal will not be… Read More

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