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Say What? Hearing Impairment, Ways To Compensate, And The Testing Process

The recent movie “A Star Is Born” opens to a deafening concert scene, with veteran rocker Jack at center stage amidst cranked guitars and the crowd’s screams. A disconcerting high-pitched sound sneaks in to hint at his impaired hearing, and… Read More

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Backstage Class: Strange Beasts

As we bask in the all-enveloping glory of the digital age, it’s come to my attention that some intrepid live sound engineers are very occasionally coming across analog equipment as they travel to some of the dustier corners of the… Read More

Roundtable: The Wild, Weird & Fun World Of Technical Riders

“What’s the strangest (weird, interesting, funny, etc.) thing you’ve ever seen requested on a rider?” Let’s see what our panel of audio professionals has to say. Christopher “Sully” Sullivan: While still a young, wide-eyed “soundling” trying to find my way… Read More

Is A Drop Ceiling The Acoustical Ceiling?

Drop ceiling tiles are commonly found in commercial buildings, so it’s likely that in a professional audio career you will encounter them. They look decent, are cheap to install and maintain, and can cover lots of ugly utility such as… Read More

In Focus: Tips, Tricks & Punts

Working as a monitor engineer can be challenging, and I’ve had a fair share of hard lessons over the years with equipment (or lack thereof), facilities, artists, and more. Success is largely a matter of being able to manage a… Read More

Tech Topic: Friends In Low Places

Thanks to the proliferation of powered loudspeakers, active subwoofers sporting built-in “cardioid mode” DSP settings are on the rise. But what’s going on under the hood? Let’s take a look at the principles behind cardioid subwoofer arrays, clear up common… Read More

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