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Holding Out For A Zero: The Incremental Quest Towards A Perfect Zero Scene

I don’t need to list the benefits afforded by working with a digital mixing console, but I will anyway – flexible parametric EQs, high channel counts in a small footprint, the night-after-night precision of recall and automation features, the convenience… Read More

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Audio-Technica Celebrating over 50 years of audio excellence worldwide, Audio-Technica is a leading innovator in transducer technology, renowned for the design and manufacture of microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, mixers, and electronics for the audio industry. More about Audio Technica.

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Audio-Technica Introduces ES954 Hanging Microphone Array Audio-Technica Announces New Drum And Vocal Mic Bundles Sonarworks Expands Reference 4 Headphone Profiles & DAW Support

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In The Studio: Mic With Your Ears, Not Your Eyes

Often, a young engineer will start to position microphones based on what they see done by others or read in a magazine. Sometimes they experiment and move the mics to see if the sound improves, but usually once someone ends… Read More

Top Five Reasons Mic Preamps Matter

Few topics stir up more debate than microphone preamplifiers. With dozens, if not hundreds of different brands, models, shapes, sizes, variations, and configurations to choose from, it’s no wonder mic preamps are among the most misunderstood pieces of the audio… Read More

Transfer Function Measurements With Smaart v8

This article is intended for those who have not yet gathered the courage to start using measurement software as a support tool for sound system tuning, be it for lack of knowledge or insufficient encouragement. Here we’ll cover the basics… Read More

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Many live mixes are not only too loud, but also sonically unbalanced. I got to thinking about this (again) when recently re-reading “How Loud Does It Need To Be?” by… Read More

What It Really Means To Equalize The Room

“I’m going to equalize the room.” We’ve all heard that statement so many times that we scarcely think about what it literally means. We know that in practical terms it means adjusting an equalizer to suit your taste. It may… Read More

The Reason For “Bad Sound” May Not Be The Sound System

Many things around us are getting better. Computers are faster, televisions have more resolution, and dishwashers are quieter and more powerful than ever. But with all of our digital wiz-bang processors, technology has been unable to eradicate “bad sound.” Why… Read More

That Modern Church Sound

I’ve been to my fair share of church services, and more than my fair share of contemporary/modern church services. Some of the mixes I hear are fantastic! Some of them, however, are less than stellar. I’d like to think I… Read More

Balanced And Unbalanced Connections

The significance of balanced and unbalanced connections between audio devices, as well as the meaning of the terms, is often misunderstood. A balanced output can be designed, constructed, and connected in many ways, and there are several ways in which… Read More

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