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Gaining Clarity: Approaches For Testing Headphone/Earbud Performance

Editor’s Note: Attaining accurate frequency response data from headphones and in-ear monitors has long been a ‘missing link’ in a quality monitoring signal chain. This article details some current methodology aimed at standardizing headphone and earphone tests. At its simplest,… Read More

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Tech Topic: A Track Named Impulse Response

The impulse response, or simply IR, remains an abstract concept to many. But if we think of the impulse response literally as an audio track in a digital audio workstation (DAW) like Pro Tools, Logic or Reaper, it might bring… Read More

Subjective Versus Objective: If It Sounds Good, Is It?

As with the ever-ongoing debates about “tubes versus transistors,” “analog versus digital” and “Mac versus PC,” there’s not likely to be agreement any time soon about “objective versus subjective” when it comes to sound quality. Extremists in the “Objectivist” camp… Read More

Digital Audio Basics: Sample Rate And Bit Depth

Although discussions of digital audio conversion have filled several books, a fundamental understanding of two terms is particularly important to correctly using your computer-based recording system: sample rate and bit depth. The conversion process is complex, and there are multiple… Read More

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