Sennheiser Announces Two New Additions For 2020-D-US Assistive Listening System

Sennheiser is launching two new products to enhance its 2020-D-US assistive listening system for installed applications – the new SR 2020-D-US rack-mount transmitter and the L 2021-40 charging unit, both additions to the HDE 2020-D-US stethoset receivers.

In addition to assistive listening, the 2020-D-US can also be utilized for visual description and language transmission in conferences, museums, theaters, and houses of worship.

The digital system transmits on up to eight license-free frequencies and is ready for operation immediately with minimal installation effort. For mobile applications, the SKM 2020 D-US handheld transmitter and the SK 2020-D-US body-pack transmitter are available.

The 2020-D-US system enables companies to manage the most varied audio applications, from factory tours with mobile handheld transmitters to multilingual conferences.

Museums can combine installed applications with mobile ones and provide film soundtracks in several languages in a theater-style room, while guided tours with mobile transmitters take place at the same time.

In theaters, the system can be used for assistive listening, visual description, and language transmission, benefiting from the reliable, high sound quality of the digital system.

“With the 2020-D-US system, we are offering a license-free audio system that requires minimal installation effort,” explained Vanessa Jensen, installed sound product manager for Sennheiser Electronic Corporation. “The two new components — the rack-mount transmitter and the charging unit — make the system ideal for use in houses of worship, theaters, museums, conference applications, and more.”

The switchable XLR-3 input on the SR 2020-D-US transmitter can be used to directly connect the microphone at the speaker’s lectern (for example an ME 34, ME 35 or ME 36) or an external audio source.

With this flexibility, the system also supports connection of an interpretation system, a mixing console, a PC or a CD player. Further, up to eight transmitters can be combined, for example, to allow conferences to be held in eight languages.

The SR 2020-D-US can be installed in a 19-inch rack (adapter included) and has a 6.3 mm (1/4-inch) jack plug headphones connection for monitoring. The transmitter’s backlit display shows the channel and the mic/line input level. The RF transmitter has a range of up to 80 feet indoors and 160 feet outdoors.

The intelligent L 2021-40 charging unit allows the receivers to be charged conveniently in around two-and-a-half hours. It accommodates up to forty receivers and allows for easy programming via the “Copy” button.

Further, the Ethernet connection and the included software provide for additional configuration and control. For example, the channels of individual receivers can be programmed and receivers may be assigned to groups for convenient handling. The software also allows receivers to be switched from six to eight available channels.

The L 2021-40 can be used as a desktop unit or installed in a 19-inch rack (9 RU). Up to 125 charging units can be programmed together via a PC.

The SR 2020-D-US rack-mount transmitter and the L 2021-40 charging unit are available now.

MSRP is $800 for SR 2020-D-US and $2,400 for L 2021-40.
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