Pete’s Place Audio Introduces New Microphone Blast Pad

Pete’s Place Audio has announced the official introduction of its latest tool, the Blast Pad, a unique filter designed to protect microphones used in high-SPL applications.

“Considering how sensitive and expensive vintage tube and ribbon mics can be, it’s a wonder that many engineers don’t think twice about putting up a cheap pop filter in front of them,” says Pete’s Place Audio President Lisa Montessi.

“The downtime and cost to re-ribbon a mic can be substantial, making the Blast Pad a wise investment. So far, the response that we’ve gotten back from professional recording engineers testing the Blast Pad on all different types of instruments and vocals is that this is an absolutely indispensable tool for preserving mics, stopping ‘pops’, and capturing every detail in even the loudest of settings.”

Over time, high sound pressure levels – from kick drums, amp stacks, horns, harmonicas, powerful vocalists, and the like – can ultimately distort and/or damage ribbon and large diaphragm condenser microphones.

The Blast Pad very effectively minimizes the air movement received by the mic, protecting a valuable investment while transparently taming plosives that can ruin an otherwise great “take.”

The Blast Pad, developed and handcrafted by Pan60 for Pete’s Place, is a chambered dual-screen filter with six ports around the outer edge of its circumference.

The main body structure is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, which is anodized for added protection, while the filter mesh consists of two different-sized corrosion-resistant stainless steel screens.

Easily cleaned with soap and water, the highly durable Blast Pad is built to last a lifetime.

Weighing slightly over five ounces, the product features a five-inch diameter with a four-inch opening, plus a mount for a standard microphone stand or gooseneck.

Retail pricing for the Blast Pad is set at $297 (USD).

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