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Screenshot of new Sessionwire 2.0.

New Sessionwire 2.0 Provides All-In-One Workflow-Based Remote Music & Audio Production Environment

Includes stand-alone Mac and Windows app, online community, suite of cross-platform plugins, and Sessionview that's designed to allow anyone with a link to participate in remote sessions with live audio and video.

Sessionwire Communications has announced the launch of Sessionwire 2.0, a new all-in-one workflow-based remote music and audio production environment that’s designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of popular DAWs. 

Available in a range of plans, including free-trial, pay-per-project, no-contract-required monthly subscription, and a full-year subscription, Sessionwire is designed to allow engineers, producers and musicians — to connect and collaborate over the Internet via high-quality audio and video within any Mac- or Windows-based DAW.

Sessionwire’s core components include the stand-alone Mac and Windows app, online community, a suite of cross-platform plugins, and the unique Sessionview, a browser-based production environment that allows anyone with a link to participate in a remote session with live audio and video. 

Sessionwire supplies peer-to-peer, live audio and video chat and bi-directional DAW connectivity via two High Quality (HQ) audio plugins and a professional quality macOS and Windows app. A range of popular cross-platform DAWs are supported, including Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One, DP, Cubase, FL Studio, Reaper, and more.

Available in all standard plugin formats (AU, AAX, VST3), the two Sessionwire High-Quality (HQ) audio plugins (Send and Receive) allow live peer-to-peer connectivity between any two DAWs. Recording/mixing/overdub functionality can be achieved by sending live HQ audio back and forth between the two DAWs.

An auto-mute Talkback feature in the plugins simulates the standard communication channel found between control room and artist in an actual recording studio. Talkback can be done either through the computer or the Sessionwire Talkback plugin, which allows users to manage talkback sources within the DAW.

Further, Sessionview allows individuals to be invited to a remote session via a browser link and participate via video chat with a discrete HQ audio stream. Sessionview’s HQ audio and video quality are designed to surpass that of consumer-grade video platforms like Zoom or Skype.

A unique feature of Sessionwire is the ability to connect and record with anyone in the Sessionwire community. Collaborative partners in the community can be found using the Sessionwire Community Discover tab using tagged keywords from a person’s profile. Once a collaborative partner is found, a connect request can be sent and once that request is accepted, the two Sessionwire members can begin collaborating on a live project using their own software.

“From recording and mixing, to commenting on a track or just hanging out, anything that you can do in a real studio you can do with Sessionwire virtually,” says Sessionwire founder Robin Leboe. “Sessionwire addresses the remote recording problems that musicians and engineers have with trying to be creative while managing multiple services such as Zoom and Dropbox. We’ll be continually adding new streamlined workflow features over the coming months, which will further enhance Sessionwire’s position as the first all-in-one remote recording studio solution for musicians and engineers.”

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