Meyer Sound Introduces New JM-1P Arrayable Self-Powered Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound has introduced the JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker, a self-powered high-Q system designed to integrate seamlessly in tight-packed clusters where horizontal coverage must be predictably scaled to exacting requirements.

Distinguished by its precisely defined 20-degree horizontal by 60-degree vertical pattern, the JM-1P delivers controlled coverage while minimizing reverberation in large or reflective acoustical environments.

With a consistent polar response and trapezoidal enclosure patented by Meyer Sound, the JM-1P delivers optimum performance in tight-packed arrays providing horizontal coverage that is proportional to the number of units deployed.

Single JM-1P cabinets can be used as a point-source system in either horizontal or vertical orientations. The JM-1P is suited to critical quality applications including theatres, houses of worship, theme parks, stadiums, concert halls, and nightclubs. In touring sound, it offers flexible solutions for center- and side-fill systems.

Meyer Sound’s experience in point-source systems dates back to 1980 when John Meyer, CEO of Meyer Sound, patented the trapezoidal cabinet shape with the release of the UPA loudspeaker.

The JM-1P features a Meyer Sound’s patented REM ribbon emulation manifold technology, which results in low distortion and a tight pattern control, while a constant-Q horn ensures a uniform response throughout the coverage area.

The JM-1P’s exceptional power-to-size ratio and flexible Quickfly rigging options allow for easy mounting and flying in a variety of applications. Captive sliding rigging links on the front and back of the cabinet facilitate easy arraying, and optional pickup and array plates are available for flying horizontal arrays of up to five JM-1P cabinets.

A top grid receives links and pins directly from the JM-1P cabinet and allows for flown vertical arrays of up to four cabinets.

“The JM-1P gives sound designers the flexibility to accurately tailor coverage in highly reverberant or oddly shaped environments,” notes John Meyer. “You can conform your horizontal coverage to fit the room, so you maintain a smooth response at all seats while avoiding echoes or excessive reverberation.”

The JM-1P’s precise high-frequency section is driven by a 4-inch diaphragm compression driver, complemented by a 15-inch, long-excursion cone transducer for the low-mid section. Power is supplied by a dual-channel class AB/H amplifier with a total power output of 1275 W (2550 W peak), while onboard processing includes electronic crossover, comprehensive driver protection, and correction filters for flat frequency and phase responses.

Performance of the JM-1P is exemplary in all respects, with a wide operating frequency range of 55 Hz to 18 kHz, and a maximum peak SPL of 136 dB (at 1 m). The optional RMS remote monitoring system allows comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Windows-based computer.

The JM-1P can be controlled with the Galileo digital loudspeaker management system and presets for JM-1P arrays will be available to provide mid-bass and bass management.

Designed and manufactured at Meyer Sound headquarters in Berkeley, California, the JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker will begin shipping in August 2009.

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