Mackie Launches All-New Onyx USB Interfaces

Artist 12 and Producer 22 feature Onyx mic preamps, 24-bit/192kHz recording, zero-latency direct monitoring, and a full license for Tracktion T7.

Mackie announces a new line of mobile, high-resolution audio interfaces – Onyx USB interfaces.

Designed for singer/songwriters, home studios, content creators and more. Available in two models, the Artist 12 and the Producer 22, Onyx USB Interfaces feature Mackie’s Onyx mic preamps, 24-bit/192kHz recording, zero-latency direct monitoring, and more, plus a full license for Tracktion T7 DAW + DAW Essentials Collection.

“Mackie has a long history designing premium analog and digital studio gear,” comments Jon Rundle, Mackie product manager. “Our mission was to create affordable interfaces that were a reflection of that legacy, and with the new Onyx USB Interfaces, we delivered.”

Both the Artist 12 and Producer 22 are powered by USB for recording anywhere and are equipped with boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps, zero-latency direct monitoring, 48v phantom power, dedicated 1/4-inch monitor outputs, headphone outputs and more.

Artist 12 features one Onyx mic pre and a dedicated 1/4-inch line input with Hi-Z instrument switch for a microphone and a guitar or keyboard. The Producer 22 features dual Onyx mic pres with XLR/TRS combo inputs and Hi-Z instrument switches per channel. Get the perfect blend between DAW audio and direct monitoring with the mix control. Full MIDI I/O allows for connection of controllers, synths, and more. 

“Not all USB interfaces are created equal,” Rundle concludes. “Anyone can give you a high sample rate, but the premium sound and build quality won’t be there, that’s where Onyx USB Interfaces really rise above the rest.”

Included with Onyx USB Interfaces is a full license for Tracktion T7 DAW recording software plus the DAW Essentials Collection which includes 16 plugins including Equaliser, Compressor, Reverber8, and more. Utilizing the very latest algorithms and coding techniques, the plugins can used liberally across a wide range of native computer systems.

The Mackie Onyx USB Interfaces include the Artist 12 and Producer 22 and are available worldwide now. Sold individually, the US MSRP pricing is $139.99 for the Artist 12 and $209.99 for the Producer 22.


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