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How We Got Loud, Episode 6: David Morgan Part II, Behind The Wrong Desk

Noted mix engineer returns to the show to talk about working behind the "wrong desk" as general manager for a sound company, which was a great experience but one that confirmed he belonged behind the mixing desk.

Over the course of his career, noted front of house engineer David Morgan spent five years behind the “wrong desk” as general manager for Innovative Audio (formally Tycobrahe). He notes that it was a great experience that allowed him to learn more about the music business and to have more respect and understanding for the freelance engineer/sound company relationship — but in his heart, he knew he belonged behind the mixing desk.

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Presented by veteran audio professional Chris Leonard (also a co-host of the Signal To Noise podcast on PSW), How We Got Loud features stories about the people, technology and passion that built the history of live sound. Go here to access all episodes.

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