Happy April 1st: Sensaphonics Introduces EARbags Hearing Protection For IEM

Sensaphonics has introduced a new way to make in-ear monitoring safer – the Excess Audio Reduction system, or EARbags.

When secured to any set of IEMs, headphones, or earbuds, these patent-pending protective devices monitor for dangerous spikes in the ambient sound around the user. When threatening audio impulses are detected, the EARbags instantly deploy a sound-blocking pillow of protection around the ears.

Designed to provide hearing protection for users of poorly isolating devices like acrylic IEMs and universal-fit earbuds, Sensaphonics EARbags will deploy any time an impulse response in excess of OSHA or NIOSH standards is detected. Their colorful silicone pillows inflate silently and instantaneously, cushioning the wearer’s ears before the excessive sound can reach the inner ear.

“As the Experts in Safe Sound for the music industry, we designed EARbags to protect people whose earphones do not provide sufficient isolation, usually due to poor fit or inflexible materials like hard acrylic,” notes Sensaphonics president Michael Santucci, AuD. “Of course, Sensaphonics IEMs provide up to 37 dB of broadband isolation, so our clients are already well protected. EARbags provide everyone else with a safe and fun way to enjoy their music with the same level of hearing wellness.”

Equally effective on stage, in the studio, or just listening to MP3s, EARbags are reusable and easy to install. With earphones inserted normally in both ears, simply moisten the inner surface of the EARbags and attach them to the outer surface of both earpieces. If deployed, simply deflate and re-pack the ear pillows into their protective case after use.

Sold in reusable pairs and available in a range of designer colors, EARbags offer superb hearing protection with style and comfort. Now available for pre-order via Sensaphonics online store, EARbags are schedule to begin shipping in early summer of 2016. Final pricing has not yet been announced.


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