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German Sound Company satis&fy Joins NEXO STM Line Array Network

Company was seeking a new high-specification loudspeaker brand that could cope with a large range of projects.

Karben, Germany-based satis&fy has become the third German sound company to join the NEXO STM line array network with its purchase of a 36-set system: 36 x STM M46 Main modules, 36 x STM B112 Bass modules, 24 x STM M28 Omni modules, and 36 x STM S118 Subs, to be driven by eight NEXO Universal Amp Racks (NUAR) and and Mini NUARs.

Founded in 1993, satis&fy now employs more than 400 and has built a reputation for handling a full range of projects ranging from small corporate events through to the largest festivals and tours. The company also offers a wide range of other production services, including lighting, scenic and interior decoration, furniture, graphics, signage, custom builds, and more.

satis&fy was seeking a new high-specification loudspeaker brand that could cope with a large range of projects. After a good deal of research, the company settled on STM modular line arrays, now positioned at the heart of its business operations.

“After all these years and thousands of projects, we figured it would be really nice to have one sound system to handle all the challenges we are faced with – on every project we handle,” explains Martin Ramrath of the company’s audio department. “The NEXO STM is exactly that kind of a system: scalable, modular and of undisputed high-end quality.”

satis&fy’s technical team has been taking time to familiarize itself with STM before moving it into large events, beginning with some smaller projects using ground-stacked cabinets. “We took a closer look at the details and just played around a bit,” says Ramrath. “Getting used to a new system has to be done very carefully; everybody has to be comfortable with it, so we decided to take some time to do this properly. The feedback from the smaller jobs we’ve done has been great from both sides: the technicians/engineers and the clients.

“I really appreciate the flexibility and capabilities the system has to offer,” he continues. “It will be a huge relief in our daily work, especially when it comes to the scheduling, technical planning and the logistics of our equipment. One day we can use our entire STM system to handle a big live music event, the next we can split the whole into parts and do a variety of smaller shows or venues.”

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