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Fulcrum Acoustic Launches FW15 Coaxial Cardioid Stage Monitor

Features 75° x 75° horn, 3-inch compression driver and 15-inch woofer, with Passive Cardioid Technology to attenuate rear low frequency radiation.

Fulcrum Acoustic has launched its latest innovative product: the FW15 15-inch coaxial cardioid stage monitor, incorporating Fulcrum Acoustic’s patented Passive Cardioid Technology. This proprietary technology enables tour-grade, low-profile FW15 stage monitors to attenuate rear low frequency radiation which interferes with the audience, stage microphones and front fills.

Fulcrum’s FW15 stage monitor’s coaxial transducer FW15’s coaxial transducer and 75° x 75° horn provides optimal coverage for monitoring applications, and its large-format 3″ compression driver and 3.5″ voice coil 15″ woofer assures robust headroom.

The monitor’s pattern control, coupled with Fulcrum’s TQ DSP processing allows consistency and gain-before-feedback both on- and off-axis. The clarity and source separation of the FW15 allows performers to clearly distinguish their own voice among others. This capability benefits mix engineers as well as performers.

The FW15’s multi-faceted enclosure includes 40° and 55° angles for downstage and upstage distances respectively. Its road-ready, ergonomic design includes stout double grille construction and four input options positioned close to the stage to reduce the visual impact of connected cables. The FW15 coaxial cardioid stage monitor features integrated handles to facilitate carrying.

The FW15 stage monitor’s cardioid behavior is produced by an acoustical circuit that balances the position of the coaxial driver/horn assembly, the enclosure depth and volume, and specially constructed side ports toward the back of the cabinet which include a calibrated resistive element. The FW15’s subcardioid low-frequency control produces 3 to 4 dB of 90° off-axis rear rejection over its operating range.

This elegantly designed portable stage monitor’s unique shape and compact size make it unusually unobtrusive on stage and/or camera, and an ideal choice for applications including houses of worship, theaters and performing arts centers.

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