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Show And Tell Mixes Festival International de Louisiane With Allen & Heath

SQ5 digital mixer and dLive C Class C3500 digital mixing system with DM0 MixRack support live FM and streaming broadcast from Louisiana.
This year’s “Festival International de Louisiane” in Lafayette, Louisiana attracted over 300,000 festival goers with a world-wide audience listening to an FM and streaming broadcast from the festival’s Main Stage mixed on an Allen & Heath dLive C Class C3500 digital mixing system with DM0 MixRack.

Paul McCasland of Show And Tell Productions mixed the live broadcast from a temporary studio in the nearby Lafayette Science Museum. “I’ve been doing this particular event for over 15 years,” he says. “And, this year, we had a 48-channel Dante split from the Main Stage fed directly to us over a fiber network.”

McCasland mixed down to a stereo pair fed to another temporary studio in the museum where radio station KRVS combined the four festival stages with live commentary and interviews using an Allen & Heath SQ5 digital mixer also supplied by Show And Tell.

Announcer Karl Fontenot in KRVS Booth with Allen & Heath’s SQ5 digital mixer

“Last year, I used an Allen & Heath GLD-80 digital mixer for this event and it was great,” says McCasland. “But, this year, I needed more inputs so I tried out a dLive for the first time. And, I was able to figure out everything and do all of the routing and configuration before the first band started. It’s very intuitive.”

“I have a couple of audience mics which add some ‘air’ to the broadcast mix,” he continues. “I dialed-out the wind noise on those mics with a high-pass filter and used the channel compressors when someone started screaming into a mic on the stage. And, I was very happy with the on-board effects like the reverb. The Allen & Heath effects sound great – I can’t say that enough.”

“Next year, we want to get the other stages into my mix with Dante splits,” says McCasland. “And, I could handle all of them with one dLive. The beauty of this console is it’s pretty much what you want it to be.”

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