New Rio3224-D2 & Rio1608-D2 Dante Network I/O Racks From Yamaha

Serve as components in the Yamaha RIVAGE PM Series and can also be used with CL and QL consoles

Yamaha Professional Audio has added two new Dante equipped I/O Rack units: the Rio3224-D2 and Rio1608-D2.

Together with the new CSD-R7 control surface to be released simultaneously, the new I/O Racks are components of the RIVAGE PM Series, including the new RIVAGE PM7 digital mix system, and they can also be used with current CL and QL Series consoles.

The Rio3224-D2 and Rio1608-D2 are successors to the Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D, offering advances in sound, reliability, and visual status confirmation. Analog circuitry developed for the first-generation Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D has been revised to deliver sound that represents another evolution in the Yamaha “natural sound” concept.

Both units include dual power supply units to minimize the possibility of power loss during a show. If a problem occurs with one power source, operation will continue unaffected as long as the second power source is active. Internal airflow has been redesigned as well, reducing fan noise for notably quieter operation.

Another refinement is the inclusion of character/icon displays rather than the basic LED indicators of the first-generation models, allowing quicker confirmation of Dante settings as well as metering, gain, high-pass filters, phantom power, and more. It’s also possible to edit gain, high-pass filters, and phantom power settings directly from the I/O Rack interface, and even lock them if required. Operation from the R Remote software application is also possible.

Yamaha Professional Audio

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