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A packed house for a concert at Fiskepiren in Norway with support from the Allen & Heath dLive mix system platform. (Photo Credit: Susanne Sundfør)

Allen & Heath Making Waves At New Seafront Venue In Norway

Fiskepiren, a cultural hub on the Stavanger seafront comprised of a music venue and several multipurpose rooms, outfitted with an audio infrastructure utilizing an AHM processor working with the dLive mix system platform.

Fiskepiren, a cultural hub on the Stavanger seafront in southwestern Norway that houses a music venue and several multi-purpose rooms that opened in the second half of 2023 and has already hosted shows by popular Norwegian acts such as Kvelertak, Susanne Sundfør, and Backstreet Girls, is outfitted with an audio infrastructure revolving around an Allen & Heath AHM-64 matrix processor working with the dLive mix system platform.

The venue approached Norwegian pro audio distributor Benum to specify and install a system that could handle everything the venue hosted while providing simplified control for non-technical users and smaller events. “When we were asked to come up with a technical solution for Fiskepiren we quickly understood that this had to be a flexible and versatile system,” explains Daniel Glaister, Allen & Heath product manager systems and installations at Benum.

“The needs varied from large-scale productions to small corporate events, so it was almost self-evident that a system driven by AHM-64 for self-service and easy zone control with a digital umbilical cord to a dLive system for the concerts and larger live events was the way to go,” he continues. Both Benum and many of Benum’s customers have deployed this combination successfully and it has a track record of being very reliable, easy to set up and cost-effective regarding infrastructure.”

The dLive portion is comprised of a DM32 MixRack and a dual-screen, 24-fader C3500 surface, chosen for its ability to comfortably handle the venue’s concerts and larger productions. In addition to the DM32’s 32 mic/line inputs and 16 line outputs, a pair of DX168 remote expanders are deployed to add a further 32 mic/line inputs and 16 line outputs to the system. As with all MixRacks, the DM32 offers 128 input channels and 64 mix outputs with a configurable 64-bus architecture and stated 0.7 ms of latency.

The AHM-64, a 64 x 64 processor capable of handling up to 64 zones, is utilized for audio distribution throughout the building, with Dante cards installed in both systems enabling a digital connection between the dLive and wireless systems, plus a feed from the AHM to the Dante-equipped Lab Gruppen amplifiers that power the Adamson loudspeakers.

To facilitate the connection between the dLive and AHM systems, a gigaACE card is fitted to the dLive and connected directly to the AHM-64’s integrated sLink port. The link provides the AHM-64 with mix outputs from the dLive system to be sent to the amps, while direct outs from the AHM-64 are sent to the dLive so that inputs normally used for self-service applications on the AHM-64 can be mixed by the dLive during live events handled by a sound engineer.

To enable basic operation of the system by non-technical staff, CC-10 and CC-7 touch panels, with 10 and 7-inch touchscreens respectively, in combination with the free Custom Control app are used to control the bar and pre-show music levels as well as a few microphones for speech-based applications.

Additionally, an IP6 remote controller, offering six assignable rotaries and 19 assignable SoftKeys, is available for basic control. The IP6 is configured as a self-service controller for unmanned events using inputs connected to the AHM-64, a pair of wireless channels, two XLR inputs, and a stereo line input. The second layer on the IP6 also has preset recall buttons to switch between setups.

“We were after a flexible system that could handle large live productions as well as smaller corporate events all the way down to one-mic-productions,” says Daria Zarbeeva, Fiskepiren’s technical manager. “The combination of a dLive mixing system with AHM matrix processor, DX audio expanders plus CC tablets and the IP6 controller fulfils all our needs.

“The system is working great, and we are always improving and updating along the way as we encounter new ways of solving technical challenges. That’s the wonderful thing about the Allen & Heath universe: it works great from the very start, and it is easily programmable to expand the whole system in the future.”

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