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Fishman TriplePlay Software Update Adds New Features & Enhancements

Now 64-bit compatible on both Mac and Windows platform, and increased functionality

Fishman has announced a comprehensive new software update for the TriplePlay wireless guitar controller.

The new TriplePlay v1.1 software contains more than 50 new improvements, features and updates.

With software update v1.1, TriplePlay is now 64-bit compatible on both Mac and Windows platforms and provides improved support with Windows 8.

A new Basic Enhanced Mode allows iPad GarageBand users to easily activate Pitch Bend. Factory patches now can use Komplete sounds directly instead of requiring Elements.

The new Import/Export feature allows the transfer of patches from one TriplePlay installation computer to another. Improved hardware support allows the entire patch list to be loaded into the controller for use in the Hardware Mode. The TriplePlay software also now lets users know when new software releases are available.

Other features include improved Encoder/Receiver communications to ensure greater connection stability; new plug-in support to improve scan time and accuracy; new Windows support to improve overall performance, and new support to enhance TriplePlay’s robustness in popular DAWs such as Cubase and Ableton Live 9.

Two new TriplePlay mixer audio options allow the Guitar Channel Level to be adjusted independently of Synth Channels and also allow the final Output Volume to be controlled by assigning CC80 to an external MIDI pedal.


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