EAW Introduces MicroSub, Versatile MicroWedge Series Subwoofer

EAW has unveiled the new MicroSub stage subwoofer, the latest addition to the company’s MicroWedge Series of stage monitor products.

The single-15-inch enclosure is a high-quality, high-volume, ultra-versatile stage and small venue subwoofer, designed to address the unique environment of onstage low frequency demands.

The MicroSub can be configured and interlocked in a huge range of different combinations – by itself, with other MicroSubs or with other MicroWedge units.

Small pads and recesses are located on its sides, top and bottom.

The loudspeaker is mounted at a 45-degree angle and the cabinet height is exactly half of the cabinet width when the MicroSub is laid flat (features which facilitate a variety of arrangement options).

Due to its small profile, it serves as an excellent side fill monitor, particularly in a club setting: the 13-inch height allows the MicroSub to be used as a building block to achieve the optimum height for the top cabinets.

It is versatile enough to fit in the monitor wedge line downstage or as an addition to many different types of stage monitor setups, understage and front-of-house.

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The MicroSub is particularly ideal for drummers.


The box projects at a 45-degree angle, and it can stand on its side.

When placed on stage directly next to the drum riser, the MicroSub points directly at the drummer rather than the drums.

As the chief timekeeper of the band, drummers should have a particular punch and clarity to their kick’s low end and the bass player’s low end to go along with a finely-tuned rest of the mix, and that is what the MicroSub offers.

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For optimal performance, it is tuned at 35 Hz, operating in the range from 27 Hz to 150 Hz. It features external DSP with one-way filter.


Axial SPL Sensitivity is 92 dB (LF – whole space) or 98 dB (half space) at 27-150 Hz.

Nominal input impedance is 8 Ohms LF, with minimum input impedance of 7.6 Ohms at 165Hz. The unit’s High Pass Filter is a 12db/octave Butterworth filter at 28Hz.

Able to produce high sound pressure levels, the MicroSub has a calculated SPL Axial Output Limit of 122 dB average/128 dB peak (LF – whole space) or 128 dB average/134 dB peak (half space).

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The MicroSub will be available in standard black, matching the other EAW MicroWedge units.


The Baltic birch cabinets are protected with EAW’s proprietary RoadCoat finish, highly resistant to dings and scratches, and the rugged steel grille keeps its distinctive shape, even when stood upon. Additionally, all transducer components are highly liquid tolerant.

The EAW MicroWedge Series MicroSub stage subwoofer will be available August 2009.

EAW Website

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