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New PRO X Series microphones and headphones from beyerdynamic.

beyerdynamic Debuts New PRO X Series Microphones & Headphones

New tools for recording applications include M 70 PRO X dynamic and M 90 PRO X condenser microphones joined by DT 700 PRO X and DT 900 PRO X studio headphones.

beyerdynamic has announced the introduction of the new PRO X Series, including M 70 PRO X dynamic and M 90 PRO X condenser microphones joined by DT 700 PRO X and DT 900 PRO X studio headphones.

The M 70 PRO X dynamic mic is designed for streaming, podcasting and broadcasting applications. It’s supplied with an elastic system suspension as well as the stable mic spider that help reduce unwanted background noise, while a pop filter helps to soften harsh plosive sounds and breathing noises. Meanwhile, the M 90 PRO X condenser mic is designed for vocals, instruments, and voice recordings such as voice-overs.

Both models have a tuned proximity effect and an extended upper frequency range. A low-noise operational amplifier and a voltage regulator are intended to produce a clearer, warmer sound. They have a minimalist black design and interchangeable parts such as capsule, circuit board and connector. The aluminum housing and the steel mesh protect the mics and also reduces the weight of the M 70 PRO X so that it can be attached to tripod and microphone arms.

Meanwhile, the closed-back DT 700 PRO X headphones can be used for production in the studio as well as on-the-go on a laptop, tablet, and smartphone, while the open-back DT 900 PRO X circumaural headphones are designed for exacting recording applications. The new STELLAR.45 driver developed by beyerdynamic — utilizing a neodymium magnet and a voice coil made of copper-plated high-tech wire — is designed to foster a louder, more powerful sound.

In combination with a newly developed three-layer speaker cone with integrated attenuating layer, the PRO X headphones have an efficient driver system with stated impedance of 48 ohms. The fast response and detailed transient reproduction due to the lightweight voice coil is designed to help reduce distortion, even at high sound pressure levels.

Both models come with two mini-XLR cables that can be quickly replaced with other connection options. Smooth gray velour ear pads and soft memory foam in the headband are intended to provide high level of comfort. The combination of robust spring steel bracket construction and quality materials are intended to provide a long service life. And if necessary, almost all parts can be replaced.

The DT 700 PRO X and DT 900 PRO X headphones are available at a recommended retail price of $299 and the M 70 PRO X and M 90 PRO X microhones are available for a recommended retail price of $299 and $349 at the company’s online store (here) and at specialist retailers.


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