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Video: Equalization Explained By George Massenburg

In this video Massenberg demonstrates two techniques, one called subtractive EQ and the other frequency juggling.

One of the topics most discussed here on ProSoundWeb is EQ.

However, it can often be difficult for beginners and experts alike to take the skills off the page an apply them in the studio.

Thankfully, today we have a wonderful video of George Massenburg demonstrating a few techniques using his GML8200 parametric equalizer.

In the video Massenberg uses two techniques, one called subtractive EQ and the other frequency juggling.

Subtractive EQ is the process Massengerg uses when he turns up the gain of a particular band, then sweeps around the frequencies until he finds one that sticks out. The frequency which sticks out is the one that that needs to be attenuated.

The other technique demonstrated by Massengerg is one called frequency juggling. This is where the frequency of one instrument (in this case the piano) is attenuated, leaving room for another instrument or vocal.


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