Microphone World

Letting It Ride

By Mark Frink May 24, 2016

The input list and stage plot is the audio core of any technical rider and the road map for organizing stage equipment and console inputs. Read More

Going Places With Luke Bryan

By Greg DeTogne May 16, 2016

No matter how much dust Luke Bryan’s current Kill the Lights Tour kicks up, the party and the good times just keep rolling. With… Read More

Capturing The Kit

By Joe Shambro April 6, 2016

In the world of live sound, certain topics are guaranteed to draw fellow engineers into a multi-hour discussion that ends in no agreement and a… Read More

Eyes On The Mics

By Ike Zimbel March 4, 2016

So, you’ve done your scan, frequency coordination, antenna placement, walk-around and war-gaming tests, and everything works. All of your wireless transmitters are resting comfortably… Read More