Stage Tec Updates Software For AURUS And CRESCENDO

Software release 4.8.1 adds Waves integration through snapshot automation with De-Esser now available in the channel libraries.

Stage Tec, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio technology, has rolled out software release 4.8.1 for its AURUS and CRESCENDO consoles. This update offers interesting features for users in both broadcast and theater environments.

With this release, Waves integration is possible in all AURUS and CRESCENDO systems. In both consoles, remote control of the Waves multiracks is via snapshot automation. The multirack snapshots can be assigned to the console snapshots at will, even multiple times.

The Stage Tec auto mixer can be extended to as many as eight groups with the new release. Since Release 4.3, the auto mixer has been integrated into the console design of AURUS and CRESCENDO platinum and can be used in all input channels. Eight auto mixers can work simultaneously, independently of each other, for example for eight parallel rounds of talks.

The De-Esser was previously available in both AURUS and CRESCENDO platinum consoles as a channel module in each input channel. Now the De-Esser is also available in the channel libraries. AURUS requires a new control cassette for this feature.

Stage Tec

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