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SSL Introduces 4K B Plug-In Designed To Recreate Its SL 4000 B Recording Console

Modeled down to the rare console's component level according to the original schematics; SSL also announces significant enhancements to the 360° software ecosystem in V1.4 update.
The new SSL 4K B plug-in is designed as an emulation of the SL 4000 B-Series console first released in 1976.

Solid State Logic has announced the debut of the 4K B, a new plug-in designed as a faithful emulation of the SL 4000 B-Series console that was originally released in 1976 and can be heard on records that include The Buggles’ “Video Killed The Radio Star,” Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight,” Peter Gabriel’s “Intruder,” and many others.

The new 4K B plug-in is available exclusively with SSL Complete or UC1 hardware and has been precisely modeled down to the component level according to the original schematics designed by SSL. The 4K B also presents a contrasting “sonic flavor” to Channel Strip 2, which has become regarded as the SSL 9000 series plug-in.

“The 4K B represents a new milestone in what is possible using plug-in technology, done the way that only SSL can do,” states Enrique Perez, chief technology officer of SSL. “We’ve not only used original hardware schematics to meticulously model the 4000 B console, but created analogue simulations and detailed hardware prototypes, making the 4K B plug-in ultra-realistic; we’re particularly pleased with the Mic Drive and Dynamics section, they’re full of ‘early’ SSL character.” ​

​The SL 4000B console was noted specifically for its EQ, dynamics and transformer-based mic pre-design. The “B-series” EQ was a precursor to the “Brown Knob” EQ found on the 4000 E, a musical sounding EQ, capable of fine tuning and sculping with a warm and rounded presentation. The 4K B dynamics section is based on the SSL Bus Compressor design: peak detection and with a feedback VCA topology in the sidechain. It also offers a De-Esser mode. The Mic drive section is designed to offer rich non-linear analog character due to its Jensen JE-115K-E transformer. Additional analog character is added via the dbx 202 “black can” VCA fader.

The plug-in, based on SSL’s proprietary technology, is designed to work within SSL’s own 360° software ecosystem and with its UC1 and UF8 control surfaces. Customers can access it through the SSL Complete subscription or as part of the software bundle included with SSL’s UC1 control surface.

Additionally, UC1 and UF8 control surface owners will be able to access the entire range of SSL plug-ins via an extended six-month SSL Complete trial. Further, anyone can access a 14-day trial of 4K B by downloading the plug-in and clicking the ‘try’ button when prompted. Alternatively, users can trial SSL Complete for 30 days, which includes 4K B and every other SSL plug-in.

In parallel with the new 4K B plug-in, SSL has also announced enhancements to its 360° software ecosystem (V1.4), including an update to the 360° Plug-in Mixer ecosystem that allows integration of the new 4K B plug-in to make it it fully interactive with SSL’s UC1 and UF8 control surfaces. Additionally, Channel Strip 2 and Bus Comp 2 have been updated to be fully Apple Silicon M1/ARM native. ​The updated Channel Strip 2 plug-in also includes new features such as Pan, Width and Compressor Mix controls.

Finally, the SSL 360° V1.4 update (now also M1/ARM native) adds LUNA and Pyramix DAW profiles for the UF8, and deeper Plug-in Mixer DAW integration for Ableton Live, Studio One and REAPER on the UC1 – including Follow Selected DAW Track, Solo and Mute. ​

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ProSoundWeb's AES 2022 Coverage

Sponsored By RCF | Booth #232