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Soundcraft Si Compact 24 Console Stays Busy With JL Sound Company In Texas

"I love that I don't need a bunch of other gear to patch in, it makes life so easy." - Jamin Lynch, JL Sound

Jamin Lynch, who founded JL Sound Company in 1985, got hooked on Soundcraft after an opportunity to use an Si3 digital console a few years ago. In order to fit his needs for a variety of live sound events, JL Sound recently added a Soundcraft Si Compact 24 console.

Lynch often uses the Si Compact 24 at the popular Brewster Street Ice House in Corpus Christi, TX because it meets his needs within the confines of the cozy venue. “Unfortunately, the Si3 was out of my budget range, and quite a bit larger than what I needed. I love the high-quality audio and ease of operation of Soundcraft consoles, and the Si Compact 24 was the perfect solution,” he explains.

A recent show featured several bands highlighted some of the features of the Si Compact 24. “It’s excellent for dealing with multiple groups,” he says. “They all had different setups and settings, which I simply saved during the sound check. When it was time to go, I uploaded the settings with a flash drive and was ready to go. I love that I don’t need a bunch of other gear to patch in, it makes life so easy.

“There aren’t a lot of screens that you have to scroll through to fix settings,” he adds. “It’s also a great console to teach to other people. After sitting down with it for about five minutes, I felt confident I could take it to the show without having to worry about any problems.”


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