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Softube Introduces Mutronics Mutator Filter-Sweep Plug-In (Video)

Can be used to create synth-like filter sweeps on any sound source

Softube has introduced the Mutronics Mutator plug-in, which can be used to create synth-like filter sweeps on any sound source.

The filter can be controlled from a number of sources; for example, the envelope follower, which sweeps the filter in proportion to the amplitude of the sound source. In gate mode, the filter is either on or off, and the filter can also be controlled by the on-board LFOs. These have four waveforms, which create filter sweeps in our out of time with the music.

Another option is to use the external side-chain input, to have an external sound source control the filter movements. For instance, insert the Mutator on a pad track and have the filter move in sync with a drum loop. The two channels can also be linked or unlinked, for “trippy” stereo effects. The width control can extend the stereo field, while the mix knob can be used to blend in the original sound source with the mutated sound.

The original Mutronics Mutator analog effects unit, released in the early 1990’s, had an significant impact of the sound from that decade. The Mutator can clearly be heard on records by artists such as Radiohead, Beck, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack and many more.

But the Mutator was short lived. Production ceased abruptly when a vital component was discontinued by the component manufacturer. The original has since then only been available at auction sites, often at prices much higher than the original purchase price. Softube has worked closely with Mutronics to ensure that the plug-in captures every delicate detail of the original hardware.

—Versatile filter effects
—Control filter sweeps by the sound sources amplitude, from the LFOs or from an external sound source
—Based on technology developed for analog synthesis from the 1960s
—Every component carefully modeled
—Analog behavior of frequencies, phase, distortion, etc

Mutronics Mutator is available for AAX, VST and Audio Units, and a 20-day demo can be obtained from the Softube web site (requires an iLok USB key). It’s available for $219 USD from the company’s webstore (here) and for $199 USD at authorized dealers.








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