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Signal To Noise, Episode 247: A Visit To RCF, Fun In Italy & The Importance Of Taking A Break

Sean recounts his recent trip to Italy, where he visited the factory where his company's loudspeakers are made and where he vacationed with his entire family, as well as avoiding burnout and more.

In Episode 247, the co-hosts catch up after Sean returns from his first vacation since starting his company. Sean fills Andy in on turning a trip to visit the RCF factory into a vacation for his entire family. He gives a recap of his awesome time visiting the factory and seeing how the loudspeakers he’s bought for his company are made and tested, plus an obligatory stop for fantastic Neapolitan pizza and other Italy must-sees. The discussion turns to acknowledging how important time off is, and how hard it is to realize that you’re overworking or burning out until you do finally take a break, intentionally or otherwise. This episode is sponsored by Allen & Heath and RCF.

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The Signal To Noise Podcast on ProSoundWeb is co-hosted by pro audio veterans Andy Leviss and Sean Walker.

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