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Signal To Noise, Episode 248: Front Of House Engineer Burton Ishmael

Currently mixing Madonna's global Celebration tour and talks about how the artist sought him out after hearing him mix Post Malone, as well as what it takes to make a concert spanning a 40-year musical career sound coherent, and more.

In Episode 248, the hosts visit with front of house engineer Burton Ishmael, who is currently mixing Madonna’s global Celebration tour, and learn about how the artist sought him out after hearing him mix Post Malone, the latest in a list of A-List hip-hop and R&B acts on his resume that also includes Lil Baby, Nas, Big Sean, Miguel, and H.E.R., and others. This episode is sponsored by Allen & Heath and RCF.

They also talk about what it takes to make a concert spanning a 40-year career sound coherent and contemporary while still remaining true to the individual eras of the artist’s career, as well as the unique collaborative process involved in mixing the vocals and effects for Madonna. And, they spend some time digging into Burton’s outboard signal chains for both Madonna and Post Malone.

Episode Links:
Burton Ishmael On YouTube
Rig Tour: Post Malone Front Of House Engineer Burton Ishmael (YouTube)
This is DeLaCruz! — Running Sound For Madonna — Burton Ishmael (YouTube)
Episode 248 Transcript

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Episode 248 Transcript

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