Sensaphonics Announces Custom IEM Bluetooth Option

Company offers Shure RCME-BT1 Bluetooth headset cable and bundles combining Silicone Custom Sleeves with Shure SE846, SE535, and SE425.

Sensaphonics has announced several new updates to its product line-up. The company now sells the Shure RCME-BT1 Bluetooth headset cable for use with its 2X-S, 2MAX, and 3MAX models.

In another cooperative move, popular Sensaphonics “bundles” that combine their Silicone Custom Sleeves with Shure SE846, SE535, and SE425 IEMs have been reduced in price.

“As fellow Chicago-area pro audio manufacturers, Sensaphonics and Shure have a long history of cooperation,” says Sensaphonics president, Dr. Michael Santucci. “When Shure came out with its Bluetooth cable for IEMs, we were pleased to learn that it works great on our 2MAX, 3MAX, and 2X-S models with coaxial cables. It’s not something we recommend for stage monitoring, but it’s a fantastic way to ‘cut the cord’ between your in-ears and your mobile phone or other Bluetooth devices. I find I’m using mine constantly, and it sounds great.”

The Shure RCME-BT1 plug-and-play Bluetooth solution

The Shure RCME-BT1 Bluetooth cable is an option for all Sensaphonics custom IEMs that use coaxial (MMCX) earpiece connectors. Sensaphonics, an authorized Shure dealer, offers the BT1 for $99 online.

Similarly, Sensaphonics Silicone Custom Sleeves (SCS) are the ideal upgrade with Shure universal-fit models. Replacing generic ear tips with SCS delivers high isolation and long-wearing comfort that rivals Sensaphonics custom models. The Sensaphonics SCS-Shure custom bundles save users money when purchasing both IEMs and sleeves together, and Sensaphonics has dropped prices by $30 to $100 on SCS bundles paired with the SE846, SE535, and SE425.

“Both of these are win-win situations for our customers,” notes Santucci. “We have decades of experience in creating the perfect custom fit with soft silicone, and Shure has the wireless capabilities to bring plug-and-play Bluetooth convenience to Sensaphonics users. It’s a synergy that shows how cooperation can trump competition when complementary companies work together.”


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