Royer Labs Introduces R-10 “Hot Rod” 25th Anniversary Microphone

New model celebrating the company's 25th anniversary offers a passive mono ribbon design and is intended for use in both studio and live applications.
The new R-10 “Hot Rod” 25th Anniversary microphone from Royer Labs.

To kick off its 25th anniversary, Royer Labs has announced the introduction of the R-10 “Hot Rod” 25th Anniversary microphone, a new passive mono ribbon design for use in both studio and live applications.

The limited-edition R-10 “Hot Rod” is fitted with a custom Anniversary Edition transformer and is stated to provide 5 dB “hotter” output than the standard R-10 with a punchier, more open sound characteristic. It comes with a 25th Anniversary trim package.

Like the original R-10, the R-10 Hot Rod is designed to handles high SPL (160 dB @ 1 kHz), has an internally shock-mounted ribbon transducer and three-layer wind screen system that combine to give the ribbon element protection (making it their best choice for live work). It is also designed to provide lowered proximity effect for close miking applications. It carries a five-year warranty with the first re-ribbon free, and is hand-built in the company’s Burbank, CA facility.

John Jennings, Royer Labs vice president of sales and marketing, says, “Royer Labs is thrilled to be in our 25th year, and kicking it off with the R-10 Hot Rod is just pure fun. The guys in our shop cooked this version of the R-10 up and we’re all into it, with its cool looking trim package and its different sonic personality. It expands on the R-10 in interesting ways, creating a different flavor of R-10 that we think recording engineers and FOH engineers will really like.”

Go here for more information about the new Royer Labs R-10 “Hot Rod” 25th Anniversary microphone.

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