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The scene at the new Kemistry Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, where RCF arrays deliver the sound in the house and on stage. (Photo Credit: Gabriela Barbieri @gabbycpb)

RCF Serves As A Catalyst At New Kemistry Nightclub In Florida

Fort Lauderdale's newest electronic dance music (EDM) venue outfitted with main and monitor systems headed by HDL line arrays joined by SUB 9006-AS and SUB 9004 subwoofers.

Kemistry Nightclub, a new electronic dance music (EDM) venue in Fort Lauderdale, FL opened by entertainment veterans Angel Candelaria, Danny Colica and Pepe Vargas, is equipped with both main and monitor systems headed by RCF HDL line arrays joined by supporting components.

“In our world and electronic music, at every venue that I’ve been going to lately, the production has been subpar and underwhelming,” says Colica, who’s also the founder of Hypnotic Productions and was behind the club’s production. “I knew that with Kemistry, I wanted our audiences to be immersed in the music experience. I want to feel the music. I want that bass to hit me in the chest.”

Mains are comprised of dual RCF HDL 50-A line arrays, each with eight elements, joined by a dozen SUB 9006-AS dual-18-inch active subwoofers. The system was tuned by Antonio Tahan of Minihobby Florida professionally tuned the system, with Colica noting, “RCF’s reputation as a leading brand in professional audio equipment is known to promise clarity and depth that will give our audience a wave of sonic bliss.”

Meanwhile, the stage monitoring rig incorporates two ground stacks of four HDL 30 arrays and dual SUB 9004 subwoofers. “In the DJ world, with the increasing demand for superior quality ‘Texas Headphones’ monitoring systems, we decided to give our artists an HDL system to meet and exceed our artists expectations,” Colica says. “We have always been happy with RCF; the systems give incredible clarity, superior SPL, tons of headroom, and sound pressure levels at low-frequencies that can literally take your breath away in this venue.”

Patrons of the club also experience a 4K custom video wall installation, Chauvet Professional lighting fixtures, and a custom kinetic orb installation that completes the visual experience. “Our venue may seem large, but it’s very intimate,” Candelaria concludes. “No matter where you are in the club, you get to have a good sight line of the DJ, you’ll get to hear the deejay, and you’ll be close enough to feel like you’re part of the party.”

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