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New JBL arrays in place at the CanevaWorld Resort in Italy.

JBL Enhances The Experience At CanevaWorld Resort In Italy

Monza-based integrators Leading Technologies deploys VRX932LA-1 arrays and SRX828SP subwoofers to support live events in the resort's Rambo Arena, PRX815 loudspeakers for the Movieland Park live show, and more.

Several areas at the CanevaWorld Resort in Lazise, Italy, which consists of an aquatic themed water park, a Hollywood-centric theme park, multiple concept restaurants and more, recently underwent an audio upgrade provided by Monza-based integrators Leading Technologies utilizing a range of JBL Professional loudspeakers.

“I have a passion for the quality, power and emotions that only audio can give,” says CanevaWorld Resort CEO Fabio Amicabile. “For this reason, JBL products could not be missing in our parks, especially in Movieland, where the cinema makes enormous use of the audio component as the main scenic effect. We really spend many hours with the equalizer trying to mix the sounds in the best possible way for every type of need, and trying to avoid overlapping, making the most of and correctly using the speakers and the emotions transmitted by all the audio tracks we use inside the park and which serve to entertain, excite or frighten the audience. Even at home I rely on JBL, and even if this has nothing to do with Caneva World, it says a lot.”

“We’ve had a long relationship with CanevaWorld—we’ve been involved with the audio installations and renovations since 2013,” adds Stefano Pozzo, marketing and communication coordinator, Leading Technologies. “The owner, Fabio, is probably JBL’s number one fan. He’s loved this brand since the first time he encountered them at the parks in Hollywood and Orlando. He says JBL gives him the traditional American sound quality he fell in love with. Because of this, we’re still in the middle of a long process of replacing every speaker in CanevaWorld with JBL solutions. Fabio won’t rest until he has the sound of JBL in every corner of the park.”

To support concerts and live events in CanevaWorld’s Rambo Arena, the team installed a main audio system of 16 JBL VRX932LA-1 line array loudspeakers and four SRX828SP subwoofers, all powered by Crown XTi6002 amplifiers. To enhance the guest experiences at Antares Interstellar space attraction and the Movieland Park live show, the choice was PRX815 loudspeakers and SRX828SP subwoofers. And, CanevaWorld’s main street features six CBT70J1 column loudspeakers, which utilize analog delay beam-forming and amplitude tapering to produce consistent vertical coverage.

“Because the music and sound effects feature prominently in the attractions, it’s clear that the JBL speakers play a very important role at CanevaWorld,” says Leading Technologies live division manager and audio technical support Danilo Meroni. “Half of these attractions may be what you see and feel, but the other half is what you hear, and the JBL speakers help to deliver a full and satisfying audio experience. Because JBL has such a large catalog of speakers for various applications, every audio component can be technically and strategically chosen to offer exactly what is needed in each area and situation.”

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