NUGEN Audio Announces New Aligner Plugin

Automatic phase and alignment tool designed to streamline workflows to free up more time for the creative aspects of projects.
The user interface of the new Aligner plugin from NUGEN Audio.

NUGEN Audio has announced the release of Aligner a new plugin that was initially offered as a “stealth” product for NUGEN subscribers who responded to the company’s annual survey, and it’s now available to everyone and sports an improved algorithm in comparison to the original release.

Using more than one microphone to record a sound source can sometimes cause phase or polarity issues between different tracks due to mic distance or any other factor that causes the audio to reach one track before the other. Often it’s almost imperceptible, but in some cases can result in the recording sounding “thin” or “weak.”

“With Aligner, you can avoid fixing these issues manually, which will allow more time for creativity,” says Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe, product specialist, NUGEN Audio. “It can be utilized in various instances, including when lining up a multitrack recording with microphones at different distances, or where the polarity of one microphone is reversed. Users can also apply the tool to ensure a microphone signal and DI signal are lined up correctly.”

Aligner provides two kinds of bypass controls: one for all tracks at once and another for each individual channel. Users can choose which of the audio tracks they want as a reference point for other tracks to align with.

Additionally, Aligner includes a polarity parameter to show if any of the tracks switched polarities while employing the plugin. For those who prefer to align an audio track on their own, Aligner also provides the option to make sample delay or phase adjustments manually.