New Vegas-Style Nightclub In Savannah Selects FBT Loudspeakers

Brad Gibson, the president and CEO of Capital A Productions recently completed a sound installation for Elan, Savannah, Georgia’s newest entertainment hotspot.

The club, which boasts 12,000 square feet of space and an open dance floor, was outfitted entirely with FBT loudspeakers.

When Gibson was asked to develop a sound plan for Elan, a Vegas-style club that opened in May of this year, he turned to Scott Hough, pro audio/AV integration division manager of Griffith Sales, for his input.

“Scott and I work together closely when we’re doing projects so I can stay abreast of what’s new out there,” said Gibson. “Basically, he said I really had to check out FBT because people are having amazing success with the product.”

Wanting more proof, Gibson did his research, even going so far as to look at Ease Focus plots that FBT sent to him, specifically for the club. 

“I doubted the output that Ease was showing,” he said. “So I tried checking YouTube videos, ProSound Web and Forum – There just wasn’t a whole lot of information available on the brand because it’s fairly new. I even called Scott back and asked if he was sure that this product was going to be as effective as they said it would be. He insisted it was.”

Based on the Ease plots, and Hough’s word, Gibson sent his team in to do the installation, which wasn’t without its challenges.

“While we were installing sound and lighting, contractors were working on floors and painting walls, and it was tough because this was a job that really required technical precision. We’d go in during construction hours and build, then bag all of the equipment and then, at night, go back when there was nobody there and tech.”

Despite the challenges, Gibson says the sound system was the least of his worries. “We installed the sound system in just one afternoon,” he said. “I set it up exactly the way Ease said it should be and I only tuned the subwoofers for about 4 minutes. The sound was jaw-dropping. That PA system will smash you. It’s a nightclub where they want it loud… but the mid high boxes are still crisp, every seat sounds exactly the same, and the coverage is brilliant. The fact that it’s so smooth right out of the box is quite impressive, and everybody that walks into the room can’t believe how badass it is.”

Capital A Productions, primarily a live event production company, is new to FBT, but far from new to the industry. Based in Savannah, Georgia and serving areas throughout the United States, it is a live event solutions company that offers rentals, design and management.

“When I do installations,” said Gibson, “I try to think outside of the box and be innovative and creative. FBT is just so versatile that it lets you do that.”


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